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  • How Being Over 35 Can Affect Fertility

    How Being Over 35 Can Affect Fertility

    As the saying goes: But when it comes to getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy , it can matter. Rest assured, most healthy women who get pregnant after age 35 and even into their 40s have healthy babies.

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  • ABC Wants to Do a Mass Bachelor Wedding and Were Here For It

    ABC Wants To Do A Mass Bachelor Wedding And Were Here For It

    Video Transcript Transcript for 'Bachelor' finale: Becca Kufrin is the new 'Bachelorette' Big pity for him today at another emotional unpredictable season of the bachelor is in the books. With lots of drama are believed to be just what we thought this was going to be a little boring at the start of the season then comes Ari..

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  • 7 Exercises for a Better Sex Life

    7 Exercises For A Better Sex Life

    But if done correctly, the following three exercises will give you a hell of a lot of additional confidence in your bedroom abilities. Without further ado, here are three powerful sex exercises for men one for lasting power, one for penis strength, and one for mental and emotional presence.

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